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Tubes Untied

Never thought in years I would get pregnant again. So 4 months ago I got my tubes untied. Still in doubt, I just figured it was meant to be, God will make a way. My fiancé doesn’t have any kids and wanted one really bad. Four months after my surgery, I’m pregnant. Tears of joy – 8 weeks, everything is going great. Don’t lose hope. The doctors and whole team were amazing, the best thing. Thank you.


Flew In From Maine

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who helped me with my reversal. We had an excellent experience. Everyone was so friendly and took great care of me. I was a little nervous since we were flying in from Maine but it all went very smoothly. I had the surgery done on March 18, 2016 and I found out in July 2016 I was pregnant. We are so excited that the surgery was a success.


A Million Thank Yous

Dr. Sanchez performed my tubal reversal on 10/03/13. After several months of trying to conceive was referred to have an HSG. The x-ray revealed that both of my tubes were occluded. My left tube had only a slight opening. My gynecologist stated it was highly unlikely that I would be able to get pregnant. He prescribed me several medications to see if it would help stimulate my ovary to ovulate more. I did get these medications and waited for my next cycle to start. Well on 10/03/14 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I just gave birth to my baby daughter on 6/14/15. I wanted to give hope to all the women still trying and a million thank yous to Dr. Sanchez and his staff. Thank you for your knowledge and experience. We look at our angel and we feel so grateful that we chose the right doctor.


Miracle Baby

I became pregnant a year after my reversal but sadly it ended in a miscarriage. My husband and I thought that maybe it wasn’t meant to be after our miscarriage and we just focused on the children we have already. To our delight we found out in April that we were expecting again. It was a hard road of pain, tears and disappointment but now we can say everything has been worth it. I’m 16 weeks and I’m expected to deliver our miracle baby on December 26.


Super Excited

6 months ago we had my tubes reversed. We stayed on birth control until October and now we are pregnant. Super Excited. Our first appointment will be Wednesday to make sure all is well. Estimated due date will be on the baby’s dad’s birthday!!! Thanks so much for giving us the gift of a family.


Tubal Reversal Experts Are the Best

Dr. Sanchez performed my surgery. God bless him. I have a little baby boy; my miracle baby. I am so thankful to have him. Thank God and thanks to Dr. Sanchez and thanks to the staff too. I am trying to conceive another baby. Tubal reversal experts are the best. Thanks you guys.


Sweet Little Princess

Dr. Sanchez performed the surgery and after three years and two miscarriages I am getting ready to welcome a sweet little princess to our family! After four sons I have my daughter completing our family! Thank you so much Dr. Sanchez for giving us this gift to be able to have a baby naturally!!


Wonderful Doctors and Staff

The doctors untied my tubes in March and I just wanted to let them and their wonderful staff know that I have conceived and am now 7 weeks and have had an ultrasound and we saw a heartbeat. My husband and I are so happy!


Explained Every Detail

The doctor performed my tubal reversal surgery. He explained every detail carefully so that I knew exactly what to expect. I had no problems during recovery and became pregnant without fertility medications within 7 months after the surgery!


Experience and Passion

I can’t believe I am pregnant the first month that I tried. I had my tubal reversal surgery completed on 10/23/2009. I waited the eight weeks as instructed and now I am three weeks and two days pregnant. Dr. Sanchez is an awesome reproductive surgeon. He was only able to reverse my left tube due to damage on the right. But, with his experience and passion for his job I now get to have my miracle. I would recommend Dr. Sanchez to anyone. He is truly a blessing to me and my family. You really mean the world to me.


Dreams Do Come True

In 2007 I had a tubal reversal and I gave birth to a baby boy and we are now expecting baby boy number two. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true once again.


Three Daughters

My husband and I would like to thank Dr Zbella and Dr. Sanchez for doing such a wonderful job on my tubal reversal in 2001. We are still having babies, even with just one tube. So far we have had three daughters, and we hope this next year we will have another. Words are not enough thanks for the joy we have with our daughters. I am so glad I found your website, you truly are the Tubal Reversal Experts!

B & L.J.

Pregnant After Ectopic

Dr Sanchez performed my tubal reversal. We had an ectopic pregnancy in January, but we just found out I am eight weeks pregnant. We have already seen the baby’s heart beat, right where it is suppose to be, through a transvaginal ultrasound. We are so excited, and so happy! Please let Dr. Sanchez know that everything worked out so well, and please let other patients know who suffer through an ectopic pregnancy the first time, that though it is disappointing, it will be okay.


So Happy

A few months ago we found out that the surgery was a success and we had only one tube that looked good. The other scarred back up and was not open. We went to fertility specialists in CT. They helped by prescribing Clomid, and then we wound up using IUI with it. It was a success! We found out that we are expecting in December. We are so happy. Thank you for all your help, your time and understanding with our tons of questions. We are very, very thankful for Dr. Sanchez and his wonderful abilities. Thank you so much!


Second Chance

Thank you all so much for what you do, giving couples like us a second chance is a miracle. May God Bless you.

E & J.W.

Kindness, Professionalism and Skill

Hello. I had my tubal reversal a year ago, and we found out last week that I’m pregnant, and all in the right place! Thank you once again for your kindness, professionalism, and your skill.


Life Has Changed

We just wanted to let everyone know that after having the tubal reversal done we have just found out that we are pregnant!!! I am about 8 weeks along and had the prenatal blood tests done to determine HCG levels, in case of tubal pregnancy, and everything is normal. Looks like we will have a new addition in June!!! You guys are wonderful. I could not have asked for a better experience. Everyone was so caring and friendly during the whole procedure. Everything went extremely well. I have told a lot of people my story and will continue to tell them of how our life has changed since I met Dr. Sanchez and his staff. We wanted to say thank you and you are one in a million. May God Bless you!!

T & A.S.

Thank the Lord for You

Dr Sanchez, This is a great big “thank you” for helping us conceive yet a second time. You did my tubal reversal in 2002 and we conceived in 2003 and now have a wonderful 4 year old son. After 3 years of trying for another child, and an ectopic pregnancy and loss of my right tube, we came to you for an HSG of the left tube. Right after the HSG, we conceived our baby girl. She was born last month and is as perfect as can be. My children will always know that they owe their existence to God and you! We thank the Lord for you, for your talent and for our 2 beautiful children!! I couldn’t wait until she was born last month, to share the good news with you all. Thank you for everything!


Beautiful Angel

You performed my tubal reversal in April. I had problems with my thyroid that delayed my getting pregnant at first. But now I have the beautiful angel I was hoping for. Thank you again for my tubal reversal and making having more children possible again.



When I arrived in July for my tubal reversal procedure there wasn’t much hope for repair. I opted to go through with the surgery and have faith. We are proud to announce that after trying for a baby we found out we are pregnant with twins. Thank you for a 2nd chance. Your staff was awesome with me from the time I arrived for surgery to the time I left your facility. Follow up care was excellent.

The M. Family

His Expertise

I had my TR done in 4/07, shortly thereafter, we went through an ectopic pregnancy which cost me my right fallopian tube. We continued trying for a year, and this past September we were blessed with another positive test. We went through all testing the same as last time, but found out at 6 weeks this time the pregnancy was intrauterine and viable. I am now 12 weeks pregnant with a very healthy looking, active baby (you should see the ultrasounds…the baby does NOT sit still!!) and we are anxiously awaiting our baby’s birth. I just wanted to say “Thank You” to Dr. Sanchez, because without him, and his expertise, we would never have had this chance.


Recommend To Anyone

The care I received was absolutely wonderful and I would recommend then to anyone wanting the procedure done no matter where they are located. I actually flew into Florida just for the surgery and it was well worth it.


Wonderful Gift

We wanted to send a thank you note for the wonderful gift you have given us, our new daughter. We could never begin to thank you enough. She is perfect in every way. She was delivered via C-section. My doctor was very impressed with the surgery you performed. It has been 3 years since you reversed my tubes. We had almost given up hope and were surprised when we found out we were expecting. Our dreams and prayers have been answered. Thank you again.

K & A.K.

Absolutely a Godsend

I had my tubal reversal performed in October. Well I am pleased to write and tell you today that my husband and I are expecting! We’re Pregnant! I am right at 5 weeks along with high rising hcg numbers and a promising ultrasound that shows everything where it is suppose to be..in the uterus!! My OB says it looks like a promising pregnancy. I can not thank all of you enough for what you have done for my husband and I! You are absolutely a Godsend to us. Everyone there went above and beyond to help make this happen and I am truly grateful! Thank you again. I will never forget any of you!!


The Best

Just wanted to say Thank You Dr. Mark Sanchez you are the best, you gave me and my husband a second chance. We had a beautiful baby daughter at age nine and he wanted another baby very badly but my tubes were tied after about two in half months we are pregnant. I had a very good pregnancy and we had a 7lbs 8oz baby boy who is now six months old and we now on our second pregnancy so thank you so much for giving us a second chance to have more kids.


California Pregnancy

My husband and I thought the chance of us conceiving a child was a long shot at best. My age (39) and my weight (let’s just say I’m not thin) had many places unwilling to work with us. Since my overall health is very good the clinic was able to help us. Our contact person was Jen and she was awesome. We called her many times, she always returned our calls and helped us with anything we needed. I had Dr. Sanchez for my surgery and everything went very well. He even answered an after hours phone call that we made with some after surgery questions. The next day we flew home to CA. My recovery went well and quickly. I’m happy to say that we are expecting our first child on June 7, 2009 less than a year from our surgery date of June 13, 2008. Thank You So Much!!!


Proud Parents

My husband and I became proud parents on May 23, 2007. Our son arrived at 4:34 PM.


Blessed Baby Boy

Thanks to your wonderful work we are able to spread the news that we have been blessed with a baby boy. He was born Sunday May 20. He weighed 5 lbs 10 oz and was 18 ½ inches long. He is absolutely beautiful and healthy. Thanks again.

T & A.S.


Simply Amazing

I just had my tubal reversal surgery on Friday, Jan 26, 2007 and returned to work the following Tuesday! Dr. Sanchez is simply amazing. I can’t thank him and his staff enough. It’s been a wonderful experience!! Thanks EVERYONE!!!



We Are Pregnant

Dr. Sanchez and Staff, We just wanted to let everyone know that after having the tubal reversal done on March 30, 2006 we have just found out that we are pregnant!!!! I am about 6 weeks along and had the prenatal blood tests done to determine HCG levels.

T & A.S.


Forever Grateful

We will be forever grateful to Dr. Zbella, Dr. Sanchez and their staff. We came to Dr. Zbella for a second opinion, after being given a 4-7% chance of every conceiving by another reproductive endocrinologist. Dr. Zbella was hopeful and we are currently 6 weeks pregnant.

T & S.S.

Best Gift

We can not begin to thank all of the doctors, nurses and the staff for the assistance and the support that they gave us this year to have the family that we have always dreamed of! All of you have given us the best gift that we could of ever received.

E & C.C.

Dedication and Knowledge

Thank you for making this a wonderful holiday. Your handiwork, dedication, and knowledge gave me this miracle. Thank you for your support and encouragement when I was ready to give up. I tell everyone about you. Thank you with my eternal gratitude.

B & B.A.

Caring and Conscientious

Thank you so much for your kindness and care during my surgery. You and your staff have once again confirmed that there are caring and conscientious persons in the medical field. God Bless You.