Tubal Reversal Success Rates

We are pleased to say that in our experience we have found that 90% of most tubal ligations can be successfully reversed. Approximately 70% of these women become pregnant.

Many tubal reversal web sites post inflated and unsubstantiated success rates as well as false and distorted qualifications of the physicians performing the procedure. Here are the facts – many factors influence your success in becoming pregnant, namely:

  1. The type of tubal ligation that you had (what method was used to tie your tubes)
  2. Your age
  3. Your partner’s sperm count
  4. Your overall health and prior surgeries
  5. The training, skill and experience of your Microsurgeon(s)

SuturesUC1Note that you only have one chance at having a successful tubal reversal.  Be certain that you select the most qualified and experienced microsurgeon to perform your procedure.

  •  We, at Tubal Reversal Expert’s, are the nation’s leading facility for microsurgical tubal reversal. We will speak to you personally and help give some clarity to your individual chances of success. We will review your medical records, at no charge to you, and help to determine if a tubal reversal is the best option for you.
  • We have many patients who have delivered successfully after being turned away from other facilities. Give yourself the best chance of having a baby – CONTACT US and we will give you honest answers to your individual circumstances. Our focus is on giving you the optimal chance of conceiving naturally via tubal reversal; however, we do offer IVF (in-vitro fertilization) to those patients who are not candidates for tubal reversal at our IVF Center at The Florida Fertility Institute.
  • Our surgeries are performed at the Same Day Surgery Center at Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, one of the premier hospitals in Florida. You will have the vast expertise of the Same Day Surgery Center staff and the additional comfort of being directly adjacent to the Bayfront Medical Center Hospital. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) accredits both facilities as well as our Center.
  • In most cases you will have both of our physicians with you in surgery as well as our highly skilled surgery team. Our pricing is designed to give you access to uncompromising care at an affordable price.
  • The cornerstone of our practice is to give you the best in cutting-edge tubal reversal technology, and the most individual care possible.

Call us now at 1-866-882-2573 (1-866 – TUBAL REVERSAL) or click on the button below to fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you fulfill your dream of a baby.