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The Scoop - Tubal Reversal Experts: Affordable Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

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Tubal Reversal Club is an independent Yahoo Group. We hope that there you will be able to share and talk to women who are exploring the possibilities of a Tubal Reversal and others who have been successful. Remember that this is an independent group and the views and opinions expressed there are not necessarily the opinions of tubalreversalexperts.com.


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"The Scoop" from Nancy

I’ll take you through all the questions and concerns that I know come up in your mind now that you are anxious to have a baby. I hear a lot about in-vitro (IVF) being better than trying Tubal Reversal. Is this procedure right for me? How much does it cost? Are there any additional costs that I need to know about? Tell me about the doctors. What do success rates really mean? What is my chance of success? and all the other questions that come up.

Let’s start.

First let me share with you that I have been with this practice for 10 years and have seen so many women achieve their dream of a baby when other doctors left them hopeless.

I hear a lot about in-vitro (IVF) being better than trying Tubal Reversal?

Doctors who do not perform tubal reversal surgery but do perform in-vitro (IVF) will always recommend IVF and they will tell you that tubal reversal surgery is not successful. In our experience 90% of most tubal ligations (tubes tied) can be successfully reversed. Approximately 70% of these women do get pregnant. Tubal Reversal is the more natural way to conceive, does not involve extensive medications and once your tubes are open you can conceive many times. success rates for in-vitro (IVF) are lower and average about 30%.

Do your doctors do Tubal Reversals as well as in-vitro (IVF)?

Our doctors believe that women who have had a tubal ligation (tubes tied) should first be evaluated for a Tubal Reversal as it is the more natural and less costly procedure. Keep in mind that our physicians are dedicated Tubal Reversal surgeons. They are Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists. We do have an in-office IVF Center; but prefer that women conceive naturally and will recommend the procedure that will provide the best success at pregnancy and not pursue the higher cost service (IVF) unless necessary.

How do I know what procedure is best for me, and determine my chances of having a baby?

We will discuss your options personally with you and offer a free of cost review of your medical records. Many factors determine which procedure will give you the best chance of a baby, namely: age, your medical history, current health, tubal condition, etc. We can give you our best medical advice after we review your medical records. You can fill out our New Patient Forms on this web site and submit to us for review. We will get in touch with you and go over all of your concerns in detail.

How much does it cost to have a Tubal Reversal?

At our facility, Tubal Reversal Experts, a tubal reversal costs $5,500 or $6,500 ( the higher fee is based on weight, and your surgical and C-section history). For one in-vitro (IVF) cycle the minimum cost is about $12,000. With every IVF try you incur this cost again. We recommend an HSG test be done if you are not pregnant within a year. After we receive your medical report we will go over all of this with you as it relates to you personally.

We, at Tubal Reversal Experts are the only facility that offers a part of the reversal fee back to you, if “neither” tube can be reversed. This has happened when the operative report we received provided incorrect information regarding the tubal ligation or did not disclose additional conditions seen at the time of the ligation surgery (tubes tied). Also, you have the option to apply a portion of the reversal fee towards an in-vitro (IVF) cycle with our IVF Center at Florida Fertility Institute, in lieu of the refund. Be careful of what other centers are offering as follow-up fertility assistance after surgery if the reversal is not successful.

All about your Medical History report.

As I mentioned earlier we need your Medical History report. This report helps us to determine whether a tubal reversal is an option for you. We will review your records at no charge to you. Please request both operative and pathology report. You also need to fill out our Medical History Form. We recommend that you have more than one center review your medical report (always request a copy for yourself too). We see a lot of patients who have received conflicting responses in regard to being a candidate for tubal reversal surgery.

Patients who cannot obtain their tubal ligation records from either surgeon or hospital have had unnecessary testing done to evaluate whether their tubes can be reversed. HSG or ultrasound for tubal evaluation is a waste of time and money. The only way to visualize your tubes is with a laparoscopy (outpatient surgery), which may or may not be covered by insurance. A lot of patients without records will attempt the reversal surgery rather than have the laparoscopy therefore avoiding the possibility of two surgeries.

Can my tubes re-open after a number of years?

Many patients ask if their tubes will re-open after a certain number of years. No they will not. Your tubal reversal surgery involves removing the compressed or cauterized area of the tube with repair of all three layers to re-open your tubes. Patients who are not candidates for reversal surgery due to extreme cauterization of their tubes have asked if plastic tubes can be attached. Unfortunately this is not an option for women whose tubes will be too short after surgery and who have been declined as candidates for the surgery.

Another question sometimes comes up… in surgery, loopes vs. microscope? Contrary to what you might have read on other web sites, surgery performed via microscope is not superior to surgery performed via loopes. Dr. Zbella and Dr. Sanchez use loopes.

How can I determine if my weight will be a problem?

Several of you have asked me if we have a weight limitation for tubal reversal surgery. We determine this on an individual basis, however our doctors will perform tubal reversal surgery on women with excessive weight. Our weight limitations are based on height and weight as well as surgical history. Women of excessive weight typically need wound care follow-up with their local physician. The main concern after surgery is incision healing. If you are a woman of excessive weight we also recommend that you consult with an OB/Gyn prior to surgery to discuss the effects of weight with regards to pregnancy. We are willing to help you through this process.

Tell me about the doctors?

Dr. Edward Zbella and Dr. Mark Sanchez are exceptionally qualified, uncompromising, cutting-edge, and caring surgeons. Both are subspecialty qualified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. They are collectively recognized as: Board Certified, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology with subspecialty certification in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. They are fellows of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and members of the Society of Reproductive Surgeons, the Society of Reproductive Endocrinologists, and the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists, and several other prestigious organizations. Honors also include selection in: "America's Best Doctors," "Guide to America's Top Obstetricians & Gynecologists" and "The Consumers' Guide to Top Doctors."

They demonstrate a rare blend of uncommon surgical skill and compassion. Each and every patient experiences the individual, personal care upon which our practice is founded.

Tell me about your follow up care after my tubal reversal surgery.

Because we are determined to give you every chance at pregnancy we follow up with you immediately after surgery and all our patients are treated as individuals so remember that you will receive all the follow up care that you need to support you becoming pregnant. It’s typical for us to be in touch with you for up to a year after your surgery. You can rely on us throughout this time to help you achieve your goal of a baby.

Ok, this sounds good to me, what do I do next?

Call me, Jen, at (1-866-882-2573) or contact me using our Contact Us Form- let’s talk about your own situation, your medical history and any concerns or questions that you might still have. I’m here to help you, with accurate information and guidance so that you can make the decision that’s right for you. And, yes you really do become part of our caring family as our patient.

Dr. Edward Zbella Dr. Mark Sanchez
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